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Edición 8/2019

uEye CP with 20 MP Sony Sensor, new uEye XS mini camera


  • Series production: uEye CP cameras with 20 MP Sony sensor
  • The new XS - mini camera with autofocus
  • Waterproof lenses with selectable apertures
  • Self-learning robots solve tasks with the help of an Ensenso 3D camera
Series production: uEye CP cameras with 20 MP Sony sensor

Edición 7/2019

New: Ensenso XR series with onboard processing


  • Ensenso XR: 3D camera with integrated data processing
  • Embedded 3D vision
  • High-efficient robotic cell with Ensenso stereo 3D camera
  • On a voyage of discovery with IDS cameras
Ensenso XR

Edición 6/2019

Over 100 new USB3 vision cameras, new SDK


  • More than 100 new USB3 Vision camera models!
  • IDS peak simplifies handling of Vision cameras
  • Easy, unrestricted, standard-compliant
  • Automatic visual inspection system for die cast parts for the automotive industry
IDS peak simplifies handling of Vision cameras

Edición 5/2019

IDS board cameras with autofocus


  • Automatically in focus
  • Bikefitting system with IDS camera leads professional athletes to success
  • IDS NXT rio & rome nominated for inspect award 2020
The uEye LE USB 3.1 Gen 1 AF board level cameras now focus automatically

Últimas novedades 1/2019

App Your Cameras - test IDS NXT rio & rome!


  • Be among the first to get an IDS NXT rio or rome
  • "App your camera" - there's more than meets the eye!
  • "Image to information" with NXT Machine Vision
  • VSD Innovators Award in Silver for IDS NXT rio & rome
Redefining industrial cameras

Edición 4/2019

uEye LE with Autofocus, IDS Software Suite 4.92


  • Focus easily - without touching the lens
  • IDS Software Suite 4.92 available for download
  • „Dynamic Vision App for HALCON"
  • Automatic quality control in car body construction in real time
  • 15 years IDS USB industrial cameras
uEye LE AF board level cameras with liquid lens control

Edición 3/2019

Excellent: uEye CP with 12 MP Sony IMX226, User Sets for Vision cameras


  • Sony STARVIS sensor provides excellent image quality
  • Line scan mode with one click
  • Mobile system for testing composite materials with USB 3.0 uEye LE cameras
  • Alternatives after Fax deactivation
  • Start of construction of "B39" technology centre
Cámaras uEye CP con IMX226

Edición 2/2019

IDS NXT impresses with AI and uEye LE with IMX273


  • uEye XS mini industrial camera back in the spotlight
  • One for all: IMX273 will soon also be integrated into the uEye LE family
  • Exact trimming of foam parts with Ensenso 3D camera
  • AI as app for industrial cameras convinced German jury
IDS USB 2.0 uEye XS cámara industrial

Edición 1/2019

Strong products ensure strong growth: the Obersulm site grows with it!


  • GigE Vision Firmware 1.7 introduces new features such as linescan modes for e2v- and Sony sensors
  • Sourcecode examples and revised manual "Development of vision apps" available
  • Meet us at the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain in Dublin
  • Recognised. Picked. Packed.
  • Sales increase far above industry average
Apps de visión artificial IDS NXT