Sony visits IDS

Sony visits IDS

Last week, IDS' CEOs Jürgen Hartmann, Torsten Wiesinger and Armin Vogt welcomed a delegation of Sony Staff at the IDS headquarters in Obersulm, Germany.

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IDS presents first multi-camera system with eight USB 3.0 industrial cameras

First USB 3.0 multicamera-system

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH presents the world’s first multi-camera system with eight USB 3.0 cameras.

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Tradición e innovación - Cámaras uEye de última generación con USB 3.0

Innovative USB 3.0 industrial camera from IDS

La nueva cámara USB uEye CP marca las pautas en el segmento de las cámaras industriales. Más de 9 años de experiencia en el desarrollo y la comercialización de cámaras USB avalan el lanzamiento de esta nueva serie.

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IDS welcomes its one hundredth employee!

IDS welcomes its one hundreds employee

CEOs Jürgen Hartmann and Torsten Wiesinger welcomed the hundredth employee on 1 September. Hence, IDS is on a growth course with the number of staff increasing at a total of 25% in the past 12 months. The company thus reached another milestone in its 14 year history.

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Environmental protection at IDS

IDS receives environmental protection award

IDS received a CO2 Avoidance certificate from Lichtblick AG and TÜV Nord. The company will save the substantial amount of 140 tons of CO2 by using only renewable energy and by avoiding electricity produced by gas, nuclear or coal power stations.

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IDS receives top credit rating, certified as top performing company in the industry

IDS receives top rating

Independent credit rating agency Hoppenstedt CreditCheck recently acknowledged IDS’ credit-worthiness and certified that IDS is among the best performing companies across various industries.

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Swabian machine vision camera manufacturer aims for record sales

IDS continues to grow

Machine Vision camera manufacturer, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH from Obersulm, Germany continues to grow.

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Comprehensive range of camera models, consistently designed for tough industrial applications

Industrial cameras for harsh environments

IP65/67 design, high interference immunity and industry-standard connection technology—the uEye RE series cameras score where other models meet their limits.

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Our new Sales Office in Paris, France

IDS opens sales office in Paris, France

Also in 2011, IDS is going to continue its success and international expansion. Thus we are happy to announce the founding of our new sales office in Paris, France. This allows us to provide extended support to customers in all French-speaking countries.

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