Boost your USB 3.0 performance

Boost your USB 3.0 performance

To improve interoperation between USB 3.0 camera and PC, IDS as of now offers new, optimized USB 3.0 cables.

The standard cables represent excellent value for money and are available in both 3 meter (item AD00142) and 5 meter length (item AD00143).Due to screwable connectors the USB 3.0 cables are ideally suitable for industrial applications. They have been developed in close cooperation with a cable supplier and tested in-house through its paces in operation with our USB 3.0 cameras. They guarantee stable and secure transmission up to a cable length of 5 meters.

Customers who are satisfied with their existing USB 3.0 cable models for their application environments may stay satisfied: the previous cables still provide long-term availability. There is no need to switch to the new optimized USB 3.0 cables, although we do recommend it due to improved performance and stability characteristics.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team by email.

USB 3.0 industrial cameras from IDS: Your plus in functionality and speed

Faster than fast: The IDS USB 3.0 camera families are inspiring! Equipped with the latest CMOS sensors from Sony, ON Semiconductor, OnSemi, e2v and CMOSIS the powerful cameras offer both an excellent image quality plus a wide range of additional features and high frame rates due to the USB 3.0 interface. With a variety of housing plus boardlevel variants to choose from, the cameras perfectly fit to all applications.