Comprehensive range of camera models, consistently designed for tough industrial applications

Industrial cameras for harsh environments

The robust line of cameras has expanded to 56 models and now offers versions with GigE or USB connections, with CCD or CMOS sensors and with VGA resolutions of up to 10 Megapixels.

The 1240RE and 5240RE models already feature the latest generation ½ inch 1.3 Megapixel Global Shutter CMOS sensor. Their high light sensitivity and color fidelity allow for very good, contrast-rich images even in difficult ambient conditions.

All 56 uEye RE models meet the IP65 and IP67 specifications and are thus consistently designed for industrial manufacturing and outdoor applications. The carefully sealed housing and a screw-on lens barrel protect the precision electronics from dust particles and liquid. The Ethernet and USB ports, the trigger inputs and the digital output can also be screwed on and are sealed. In addition, the digital I/O connections are optically decoupled, which further enhances the cameras‘ interference immunity.

The uEye RE models are very compact despite their robust design. The smallest model measures a mere 41 x 41 x 41 mm without the lens. There are M3 and M5 threads on all sides of the housing, which facilitate flexible installation. Consistent with the cameras, drag chain cables with IP65/67 connectors and – for USB versions – also USB cables cut according to the requirements of machine and system engineers are available up to 10 m in length.

Thanks to comprehensive software support, integrating the cameras into your own application is quick and saves time. In addition to the drivers for 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows and Linux, a Direct Show Interface, and an ActiveX component, a comprehensive software development kit is included in the scope of delivery. The SDK is identical across all camera models, which means switching models does not require reprogramming.